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Your content needs attention!

It’s hard to teach someone who isn’t interested in the content. Info2grow creates engaging custom training and marketing material that gets results. Computer Based Training gained traction with the industrial sector early on. These days other industries are realizing the value of providing useful information to employees and customers.  Now the business sector, retail chains, restaurant franchises and the medical industry are some of the fastest adopters of online learning technology.

Developers & educators

Our founders (both instructors themselves) bring together over 25 years experience developing online training content and educational materials.  It’s that combination of multimedia skills and practical knowledge that ensures your content is communicated effectively so you can reach your goals.


Video and motion graphics convey intangibles like speed, tone of voice and body language in a way that the written word can’t match.

3D models

We can make custom models from blueprints or piece together stock models to create a scene or animation. 3D is great for adding realism or showing how elements fit together.


Let’s say you want to illustrate something really small or perhaps really dangerous. Sometimes it’s more effective to use animated illustrations to get the message across.


From drag and drop activities to software simulations, people learn by doing.



Quizzes, activities, software simulations and branching scenarios are just some of the ways we can evaluate the effectiveness of training programs. Detailed records offer proof of qualifications.

Learning management

Control access, monitor progress and add new materials. There are many Learning Management System (LMS) options out there. We will work with you to choose an option that suits your needs and set it up for you.

Get in touch with us.

We know how hard training can be and how important engagement is.  We’ve been there.  You need training that gets results and puts them at your fingertips.

Call us at (604) 259-2540 or send us an email. We’re happy to discuss how online training can help your business grow.