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Why use video?

Answers to customer questions can take various forms. A blog article, a response in a message board, or a quick post on social media. They are all great tools to get your message out there. Here’s a few reasons why video is an essential part of a professional web presence.

Another channel

70% of North American internet traffic in peak evening hours comes from streaming video and audio sites like YouTube.  Video gets you on this vital portal for web searches and doubles as content for your website.


A lot of people would rather watch a video than read an article. We all do a lot of reading everyday but there are times you just want to sit back and absorb the information.


Pause, rewind, playback

Instructional video also allows for the user to learn at their own pace.  Put them in control and they will get more out of it.

People want to meet you

Personality comes across way better in video. Your customer wants to know what type of person you are, preferably before they do business with you. With video you have 100% control over that all important first impression.

Lost in translation

Video and motion graphics convey intangibles like speed, tone of voice and body language in a way that the written word can’t match.

Monkey see, monkey do

One of the easiest ways to learn something is to watch someone else do it first. Show them the right way to do something and ensure they get proper results.

Your gonna look great

We work hard to make sure you and your business are presented in a professional manner. Just the existence of a quality video will raise your perceived value in the eyes of the viewer.

Ready to roll?

Whether training employees or educating customers, video allows you to deliver your message clearly, consistently and with complete control over tempo and tone.

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