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Creative developers with experience in education.


Why are we?

We believe in the hidden potential of the information that every business has. Potential that can only be realized when communicated effectively to the right audience, at the right time and in the right format.

info2grow brings together a passion for education and a love for technology, to provide businesses with the tools necessary to reach their goals. At the same time they empower the end user with the knowledge and skills to achieve their own.

It’s literally win, win, win!

Who are we?

Going back to the days of beige computers, our team draws from decades of experience developing and delivering instructional content and media experiences.  Our history of media development allows us to visualize complex projects from concept to completion.

We create fun and engaging materials to help our customers effectively communicate their message and encourage business growth both inside and out.

How do we do it?

Connecting with Customers

Trust is established by forming a relationship with customers and helping them achieve their goals.  We pride ourselves on respect and making sure we get to the reason behind our clients message.  Info2grow starts with the ‘Why’ then determines the ‘How’ and the ‘What’.  This means they have no allegiance to software or methods that do not directly support our client’s objectives.

Adding Value

We believe in leveraging open source technology and existing software solutions whenever possible. These platforms not only reduce cost but allow for modularity, easier maintenance, and better support due to their large user bases. This way we can focus more energy on adding functionality and value for our customers.

Web Development


Audio Production

Video Production

3D Modeling

Motion Graphics


Voice Over


Graphic Design

Live Events

Where did we come from?

Our founders met at Vancouver Film School 15 years ago and have been working together ever since.  Whether developing online training for multi-national industrial firms, working together in live entertainment or teaching students at the same technical school.  The goal for info2grow was to create the company we would like to work for but more importantly one we would like to work with.

Stephen Scheibel

Stephen Scheibel

Audio/Video Lead, Gear-head

Stephen Scheibel is a top notch communicator with an extensive background in audio production. Running his own recording studio for decades, performing in bands all over North America, combined with 15 years experience doing voice-over work and development on numerous video projects and training applications.

He currently teaches a wide variety of courses including Photoshop, Portfolio, Audio and Video Production at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Conversation starters: camera lenses, microphones, lighting, soundproofing, home renovation


Lawrence Weiss

Lawrence Weiss

Web Development Lead, Trend-hunter

Lawrence is always on top of the latest tech, constantly researching and testing out new software solutions and scripting languages. With 15 years experience developing educational multimedia for industry and higher education, Lawrence is able to envision complex projects from concept to delivery and beyond.  Also a veteran of touring bands, his media experience extends from live gigs, to awards show presentations, website development, and database solutions.

He currently teaches Web Scripting and Trendsetters part-time at the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s New Media and Web Development program.

Conversation starters: educational technology, wordpress, digital music production, indie bands, pond maintenance


Communication is what we’re all about.

We’d be happy to talk about the challenges you’re facing and answer any questions to you might have about multimedia, web promotion or educational technology. Go ahead and pick our brains, we’re probably in need of a break.


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